Mens Cotton White Double Layered Small Border Dhoti  - Charminar

Mens Cotton White Double Layered Small Border Dhoti - Charminar


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 Specification Of Mens Cotton White Double Layered Small Border Dhoti  - Charminar

Introducing our Men's Cotton Double-Layered Small Border Dhoti ? a perfect blend of comfort and traditional charm. Carefully crafted from high-quality cotton, this dhoti offers a unique double-layered design for enhanced style and comfort.

Product Details:

Material - Cotton
Size - 127cm X 400cm
Colour - White
Dhoti Border - Dispatched Assorted Colour Small Border


      Double-Layered Comfort: Enjoy an extra layer of softness with our double-layered cotton dhoti, providing added comfort and a touch of luxury.

       Small Border Detail: The subtle small border adds a hint of sophistication to the traditional design, creating a perfect balance between simplicity and elegance.       

       Breathable Cotton Fabric: Made from breathable cotton, our dhoti ensures optimal comfort, making it ideal for various occasions and climates.
        Easy Draping:
Designed for hassle-free wear, this dhoti is easy to drape, catering to both seasoned wearers and those new to traditional attire.

Wash Care: Do not Bleach. Dry Clean or Gentle Hand Wash

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