Mens Tissue Light Rose Colour Dhoti Shirt Wedding Combo Maverik
Mens Tissue Light Rose Colour Dhoti Shirt Wedding Combo Maverik

Mens Tissue Light Rose Colour Dhoti Shirt Wedding Combo Maverik


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Introducing our Men's Tissue Dhoti Shirt Combo, a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary style that caters to the modern man's fashion sensibilities. This unique ensemble seamlessly combines the classic elegance of a dhoti with a stylish shirt, creating a versatile outfit suitable for various occasions.

Dhoti: Crafted from high-quality tissue fabric, the dhoti in this combo is a symbol of timeless Indian tradition. The lightweight and breathable material ensure comfort, making it an ideal choice for both formal and casual settings. The dhoti features intricate detailing and a comfortable fit that allows for easy movement, reflecting a perfect fusion of comfort and cultural richness.

Shirt: The accompanying shirt is designed to complement the dhoti flawlessly. Tailored to perfection, it boasts a contemporary cut and a refined silhouette. The shirt's premium fabric ensures a luxurious feel against the skin, while the meticulous stitching and attention to detail highlight the commitment to quality craftsmanship. With a versatile design, this shirt effortlessly transitions from a traditional to a more modern look, making it suitable for a wide range of events.

Combo Highlights:

  1. Elegance Redefined: Embrace the charm of traditional attire with a modern twist, capturing attention wherever you go.
  2. Comfort Redefined: The lightweight and breathable fabric of the dhoti and shirt combo ensures all-day comfort without compromising on style.
  3. Versatility at Its Best: This combo offers the flexibility to style the dhoti and shirt together or mix and match with other wardrobe staples for a variety of looks.
  4. Attention to Detail: From the fabric selection to the stitching, every detail is carefully considered to deliver a product that exudes quality and craftsmanship.
  5. Perfect for Occasions: Whether it's a festive celebration, a wedding ceremony, or a cultural event, this combo is your go-to choice for making a statement with sophistication.

Product Details:

Material - Tissue
Colour -  Light Rose
Sleeves Option - Half & Full Sleeves
Available Shirt Size  -  
Dhoti Border - Dispatched assorted border design assorted only

Dhoti Size - 1.27m X 2.00m

Elevate your wardrobe with our Men's Tissue Vesti Shirt Combo ? a celebration of tradition, style, and comfort in one perfect ensemble. Embrace the cultural richness and make a lasting impression on every occasion.

Note: Please note that the product colors may vary due to ambient lighting and digital LED device calibration, potentially differing from what is shown on screens.


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