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We get all creative, full of swag and style while we get in front of the camera. With lots of inspitation all around us, the movies, sports stars, the influencers and every single person on social media, it’s not even necessary to mention how extraordinary the opportunities are. The exposure people get with social media and how they go viral and become overnight stars, with all due respect to their amazing talents and the ability to capture audience’s attention. With this pace that the world is going on in, it is perfectly normal to want to catch up to the trends to want to be noticed and become a brand yourself.


You are already a pro, you could be someone with lots of self confidence or someone with very low self confidence. No matter who you are, every single one of you have your own unique style, work on your body language, dig into your wardrobe and pick pieces that you love the most that helps your understand what you feel the most confident in.


Here are ways you can bring out your swag and pose like a model! You don’t need a fancy camera, or background setup or expensive clothes and styling. You can totally work with what you have already got.


Now go pick out your favourite pieces from your wardrobe, bring on that dhoti and pair it with a shirt that matches your border if it is coloured or just mix and match different styles. Stay tuned for a “How to style like a model” blog post.


Learn how to pose like a model for an amazing model and a stunning actor Siddharth Kapilavayi


Its’s all in the angle, Siddharth says that it is important to place your camera at eye level. This way, you can capture your body showcasing that definition you have got and totally rock the pictures. The most important style element according to him is to be mindful of your proportions, plan your shoot according to your shoot location or background.


His personal style is wearing dhoti the South Indian way, no can ever go wrong with an elegant and comfortable dhoti paired with an interesting shirt. You could also opt for kurta for a more stylish look and redefine our traditional style. He suggests pairing them with Kolhapuris would spice up the whole look and bring it a new twist.


Find your right side, Siddharth says that left is his side, what he means by that is he finds that the left side of his face has a more chissled and sharp features with best defenition, a stud in his left ear is like a cherry on top to his already good looks. You can find your right side too, just take a couple of pictures or look at yourself in the mirror and observe which side looks the best and try to capture pictures in that angle or be slightly inclined to that side.


More than anything, don’t forget to smile. Smile is so contagious, keep smiling and spread your sunshine smile all over. One of the best advices he has given us all is to just relax and smile, because more than anything it is your soul that is shining and you can only capture that with a smile.


How to pose like a model?


  1. The Namastay guy

Ofcourse we are gonna start with a Namastay, put on that warm smile and pose with your hands in Namastay. This is sure to help you win hearts.


  1. The lean

Lean a little onto anything you see around, it need not only be a wall. This totally depends on where you are at, if you have a bike beside you, you can lean on that and pose casually. Looking into the camera or away, both work really well. It could also be an old trunk or a staircase railing or just a gate. Exactly! Simplest of things can be really good in photos.


  1. Casual stroll

This is the best idea when you dont have a lot of props, this could be shot even on a plain road, or in your house or literally anywhere. Just walk a little slow, do your thing, try to be as natural as you can.


  1. The Hero

I bet this is the most favourite pose for all of you out there. This is the one pose that all of your heros would have posed for atleast once, you wear a dhoti and this is the first pose that any of you would think of, there is no doubt on it. Just walk a little brisk, jump and hold on to one end of yout dhoti and strike a pose!


  1. The Desi pose

This is the next step to “The Hero” pose, bring on that South Indian Swag, I know how proud you are of your ethnicity, dont restrict yourself from showing that in the pictures. Be proud! Cause we are proud of you! Hold onto both the corners of your dhoti and wrap it around your waist. Wear those sunnies and little do we have to tell you what to do next, wear your dhoti this way and see for yourself how your body language is going to change.



Now all you need to do is stike a pose, post it and tag us @Ottostore_com














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