Enhance your Look with Pattu Veshti & Sattai this Varuda Pirappu

For generations, the veshti-sattai has been an essential component of men's fashion in India.

The pattu veshti & sattai, a traditional outfit that has existed for centuries, represents the cultural and traditional heritage of South India.

Over time, the ready-made dhoti has undergone a significant transformation to become an iconic piece of clothing. Yet the popularity of the veshti-sattai has remained constant. The evolution of men's veshti-sattai has made it a fashionable choice for men of all ages. It is an excellent way to make a trendy statement at various celebrations and events. Whether it is a formal or informal gathering, the veshti-sattai can help you create an impression.

Here are some unique, yet fantastic ideas to elevate your look while wearing the veshti-sattai:

  1. If you opt for a ready-to-wear pure silk veshti, you can substitute the conventional towel (or angavastram) with a scarf, which is an unusual but feasible option. This will give your style a unique and eccentric touch.
  2. Selecting the right shoes can elevate your appearance when wearing a pattu-veshti-sattai and towel ensemble. Opt for Kolhapuri sandals or Peshawari sandals in shades of brown, nude or black to complement your traditional attire. These shoes are extremely traditional and are an ideal match for silver or thick golden zari dhotis, to enhance their overall appearance.
  3. Try mixing up your traditional pure silk veshti-sattai look with some western-style accessories such as beaded or chain bracelets. Adding simple accessories to complement your traditional attire can give you a distinct and original appearance.
  4. Currently, the trend is to opt for pastel shades. If you have chosen to wear a pure silk dhoti with silver zari, complement it with a floral pastel kurta as part of your OOTD.
  5. If you prefer a modest look, opt for a classic combo of a plain double pure silk dhoti and a cream shirt. This is a customary fashion that will always be a secure option.

Irrespective of your preferred style, the veshti-sattai is an adaptable and fashionable pairing that can be worn on different occasions. Therefore, if you wish to diversify your attire next time, consider trying out these suggestions!

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