Silk Shirts Are Much More Wearable Than You Think

Silk shirts are versatile and elegant, no one can ever go wrong with this piece of clothing. This, cultivated from fibers that a silkworm produces, is light, soft and luxurious. It is usually considered to be something that you wear only for specific occasions but if you think it through, it is a lot more wearable than you think it is.You can wear it for multiple occasions be it a wedding, an informal party or a work day. It's just perfect! Read on to know different ways you can wear it. It's just perfect!

Can silk shirts be a staple?

A much debated topic, if silk could be worn as a staple everyday piece or if it will be too loud and not be taken well by most people. Well, the truth is, there is no such rule in fashion, the only thing you gotta keep in mind is if you will be able to pull this look off on a regular basis. It is a timeless classic, you do retro, minimal, bold or classy, you just do you. Playing safe is also considerably easy with this piece, a straight fit, buttoned down style can never be out of style or never go wrong. So, the answer is, OH! YEAAA!!!!

How to Style a silk shirt?

Basic Rule: Ditch anything that screams Trend, yes you heard that right! 

Trendy or not that has nothing to do with your wardrobe unless that is where your focus is. Styling a silk shirt could be dependent on various factors such as your body type, occasion, fabric you are pairing it with, the type of climate you live in etc.,

Body Type

  • For someone with a tall and lean body type, solids, stripes or bold prints would be a good choice and you might have more to experiment with. If not for a pure silk you could go for art silk which is artificial silk and is made up of synthetic materials, these are typically lower in price and look almost the same as a pure silk.

  • Men who are bulkier framed can still opt for solids as they are a staple for everyone but opting for bold prints will make it more interesting as that sort of creates an illusion and takes the focus away from their problem areas and shifts it to the prints. Opting for mixed silk can be an alternate choice which is typically a certain percentage of mix of silk and other fabric. However, one should never shy away from rocking a pure silk shirt. 

Fabrics to Pair with

Silk shirts could be paired with cottons which are a usual go to for many, especially if its a dhoti the shirt is being paired with. To give this whole regular or traditional vibe a fusion twist, pair this silk shirt with a chunky jumper in colder months, this will make heads turn anywhere you go.

Right style for your occasion

Heading for work, then to a semi-formal event and chill in an after party with your friends? We have got you covered. Wear a blazer to work over this silk shirt, this will make you feel and look a lot put together and help you stay productive during your day at work, take your blazer off and switch your formal shoes for a little bit more casual loafers, you are now ready for a semi formal event. Now, to head to an after party with friends, loosen up at a button or two at your neck, roll up those sleeves and Voila! There you have three styles with just one shirt.

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