How to wear Panchakacham

The festive occasions and rituals call for the wearing of panchakacham as a tradition for all the Brahmin men. Without knowing the right technique one may find it too difficult to wear the panchakacham.

We at Minister White want to teach you the easy technique that you can follow to get the perfect drape of panchakacham. We want to help you with step by step of the process of wearing a panchakacham easily without any stress. This particular type of veshti comes in different muzham that would fit your body frame perfectly. Choose 8 or 10 muzham according to your body frame. You can purchase white Panchakacham or Cream Panchakacham from Minister White as per your favourite choice.

The first step would be to unwrap the dhoti to form four folds and then lose it more to have two folds then you need to grasp the centre of the panchakacham in your right hand and wrap it around equally on both sides with the centre point at your backbone. At the present, you will be having an equal length on both sides.

Take your right hand at the front and left hand back and you will find that the length on the right-hand side is extra than the left-hand side by roughly eight to ten inches. At this instant take the left-hand side part to your right then take the right side part to your left. Tuck it on both sides. Now take the front side which would be the outer part of the panchakacham and form pleats and then gather it in at the centre.

At this time take the inner side of the panchakacham and form creases with small folds. Once the panchakacham pleat is prepared, take it over your legs and tuck it at your back. The border must be found to your left. And now when the back is stuck in, take the front side panchakacham again and form pleats with the border of the panchakacham on the left. When the pleats are finished again on the panchakacham, tuck them in the centre. The Minister White panchakacham dhoti online is now complete. To get that complete look wear the angvastram over it.


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