How a Dhoti can take your style and comfort up a Notch

The dhoti is a stylish, comfortable garment that can be worn all year round. With its casual yet chic style it makes for an excellent traditional cum fashion statement whether you're looking to make your own unique impression or just need some mixing n matching skills! Let’s check out how you can take your style and comfort up a notch with dhotis.

White Linen Shirts with Dhoti

Linen Shirts never goes out of fashion and is one the most worn fabrics among all countries. It looks extremely fashionable on men alike, regardless if you're an adult or child!

Jeans have been a favorite of casual dressing for centuries, but with the recent advancements in fashion they are now used to make various outfits. The fabric is especially popular among men who love how versatile it can be when paired up correctly!

What’s more perfect than a pair of White Linen shirt and a Minister White dhoti? Nothing, really. The perfect outfit for any occasion is just waiting in your closet- which you can find easily with these two pieces! Pair them up with some messy hair– there's no wrong way to wear this classic combo nowadays because everyone has their own personal touch anyways. 


Kerala Colour Dhoti


College Shirts with Kerala Color Dhotis

The latest trend in festivities are the College shirts with Kerala colour dhotis. They're a good choice for anyone who wants to wear dhotis for festivities and casual days, but doesn't have much time or energy because they're so simple! Pair Kerala colour dhotis with an easy-to wear college shirt like white cotton blend material that will keep you cool during hot weather months while also fitting into your style fashions. You can also pair college shirts with pure silk dhoti from minister white.



Kurta with dhotis

Give your look an urbane feel with kurta and dhotis. Pair them over a light-weight cotton kurta and choose some chunky hair style for that Vintage vibe you're looking for this summer!

Casual Shirts with Dhotis

Casual shirts are a man's best friend. They can take you from work to weekend with ease, help dress up any occasion or social setting - even when it hits below freezing outside! There is no need for heavy duty suits anymore because these casual tops will do the trick just fine by providing plenty of colour options that won't overwhelm your figure like too many other items might during winter months and will give you the killer look when you pair them up with dhotis.

Minister White Color Cotton Shirts with Dhotis

You can never go wrong with a Minister White colour cotton shirt and dhoti combination. This timeless combination is simple, elegant and goes perfectly with just about anything - it's the king of casual dressing.

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