Tradition Redefined

Dhoti - a garment of unknown origin, having its roots way back in the 5th century BCE. A piece of cloth holding more than a couple of thousand years of heritage. The hand-woven garment is significant in the Indian textile weaving industry, which was the backbone of the Indian rural economy in the pre-colonial era.
Dhoti has evolved over the years from being a commoner's attire to a symbol of higher strata which in the recent past is an image associated primarily with politicians and the elderly. However, since the onset of Western fashion trends, we have drifted further away from our roots.  

Minister White is on a mission to carry forward this glorious tradition and heritage through its leading innovations and catering to modern needs and functionality, ensuring the tradition reaches a broader spectrum.
Minister White always stays ahead in the industry through industry-leading innovations with a knacker for innovations and novelty. Contrary to the taglines only associating dhotis to respect, admiration, and the elderly, we envision bringing out youthful energy and charisma. The persona of our brand ambassadors, the ever-youthful Mammootty, and the charming aura of Nani are examples of our redefining. 

At this point in time, we look to uphold the heritage by effectively remodeling them for the current generation. The traditions are redefined in a way that eases people into tradition infused with modernity. There are issues pertaining to customary shirts and dhotis that incite a bit of skepticism and are blown away presently through various novel features in the industry, such as Dhoti belts and Flexi waist dhotis by minister white. The limitations tagging along with traditional attire are dealt with through distinct creativity and modernity, adding a breath of fresh air to the traditional clothing.         
The foremost concern for the present generation is the complexity of draping this simple attire. As much as wearing a dhoti instills confidence, the dhoti belt is an innovation that takes confidence up a notch by holding the dhoti in the perfect place. In this fast-paced era, choosing among multiple draping techniques and executing them to perfection can be overwhelming. This challenge is blown away by the industry-defining innovation 'FLEXIWAIST DHOTI,' which is the cutting edge in redefining the traditional dhoti industry. The limitations with the usual velcro dhotis,which fits only based on sizes, are overcome with Flexiwaist dhotis, which is one size for all.
Borders, an essential part of the dhotis, are brought in multitudes of options based on colors, fabric, and patterns, ingesting a brand new outlook to the modern dhotis —confused about what to choose. Worry not! Here is our guide to choosing your perfect border

Isn't that surprising that Minister White, as the name stands, doesn't just stick to the color white? Dhotis aren't just white anymore, with dhotis ranging in more than fifty colors. Adding vibrance to the usual traditional white and white, minister white popularized color shirts and dhotis combo with its intensive effort in the market.
From everyday casual wear with pure cotton dhotis to one memorable day with classic silk to stand out in the crowd, fabrics for every occasion are covered. Provided with a youthful and dynamic look, linen shirts are for people of every generation to savor. As shiny as it gets, Satin is a go-to option for its versatility.
Unlike in the past, when people should fit the clothes, we believe it's high time our shirts fit the people. Doing away with the extra concern to tailor for the suitable fit by offering various cuts and fabrics destined to fit the best. An artistic cut of our innovation- Liberty cut is a versatile fit that goes well with both dhoti and trousers for an exquisite look brimming with comfort and confidence.

Minister White endeavors to uphold the tradition spanning centuries to a broader spectrum like never before. The redefining never stops for this tradition that's invaluable in countless aspects.

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