Minister White veshti parambariyam thaan adayalam

Minister White is always quoted as saying goes, "Parambariyam thaan Adayalam." Much has changed in the realm of fashion and textiles. Around the world, cultures and traditions are uniting to bring back the nostalgia and deep connotations of old values by returning to their traditional clothes and practices! Dhauthi, or modern-day Dhoti, is one such garment that signifies purity. Based on the state or province it is known by various names as Dhotar in Maharashtra, Laacha in Punjabi, Mundu in Kerala. The men's dhoti has a special place in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is famous for its silk, cotton, and jari veshti textiles.

As one of the leading manufacturers, top brand and exporters of Dhotis, Shirts, Inner Wears, and Kids fabric, Minister White has grown into a visionary empire. Minister White's foundation promotes weavers' advancement and well-being. All of our dhotis are hand-woven in India (raw materials and machinery are sourced locally). Minister White, as a trendsetter and industry leader, has transformed ideas and increased dhoti adoption to historic heights.


We wanted to say it loud and clear! We needed someone who could persuade people that fashion knows no bounds! We partnered with the God of Fashion in the Malayalam cinema, who is ageing fine like wine and is pricelessly traditional - our own Mammookaa - The Great Actor Mammootty - as brand ambassador for minister white dhoti. The infomercial emphasizes about the pride of South Indian traditional wear dhoti, in every culture and tradition for generation's style of wearing makes an identity that is taken as the primary identity of the land and lifestyle. Veshti is a traditional garment that depicts the culture and pride of South Indian tradition.


The majority of Tamil Nadu's youngsters have emphasized the importance of India's ancient culture and have begun to wear dhotis, increasing the popularity of men's dhoti pants. To restore faith in Indian culture, a majority of men adopted veshti, prompting dhoti designers in Tamil Nadu to use a variety of materials. Dhotis, whether double or single, are made by designers from linen, silk, and cotton. The designers work extremely hard to preserve the spirit of youth. Dhotis are made from the finest and lightest fabrics available. Minister White is always proud of passing down the culture and traditions from generation to generation.

Are you wondering how a common traditional clothing can be wear in different style and to look trendy? We have top 6 different variety of Dhoti products.

Pure Silk Dhoti, Kerala Color Dhotis, Velcro Pocket Dhoti, Wedding Dhoti, Panchakacham Dhoti, Festive Collections Dhoti.


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