Kurta – The Traditional Indian Wear

Kurta, the traditional Indian wear is gaining immense popularity all over the world. It is cosy and appropriate for both hot and cold climates. This blog post will give you a brief description about kurta and how to style it. So, read on to know more!

Kurta - a brief history

The kurta is a traditional garment that originated in the Indian subcontinent. It is constructed of a thin, airy cloth and is mainly worn by guys. The kurta can be traced back to the 11th century, when it was worn by Persians and Turks. It is constructed of a thin, airy cloth and is mainly worn by guys.  Kurtas were originally made of wool or linen, but today they are also made of cotton, silk, and other fabrics. The kurta is often worn with a shawl or scarf, and it is typically knee-length or longer. In recent years, the kurta has gained popularity outside of India, and it is now commonly worn in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

The Traditional wear for many Indians

In the present day and age, many teenagers wear kurta pajama alongside a pair of jeans. It is an extremely comfortable dress that can be worn both formally and informally; it's popular among guys because they like how easy-going this type clothing seems to them during their night time hours at work!

Kurta Styles for Men

There are different styles of kurta for men. Floral Print Kurtas, geometrical print kurtas and the most elegant of majestic of all those kurtas are the Plain Kurthas in vibrant colours from Minister White. Let us share some scintillating ideas to style your kurtha.

  1. You can add sneakers to the kurta. White sneakers are divergent that it will fit into any outfit
  2. You can cover up with a Cape/ Kimono
  3. You can team your kurta with the white dhoti from minister white
  4. Kurta stands out exceedingly with straight fit pants

Where to buy kurta

Kurtas are typically made of cotton or linen and are available in a variety of colours and patterns. You can find high quality plain kurthas made out cotton at www.ministerwhite.com . When purchasing a kurta, it is critical to consider the fabric and fit. Kurtas are available in both short and long sleeves, so be sure to choose the style that best suits your needs.

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