Kurta Styling Tips for all Occasions

The traditional men's kurta is a popular choice for festive occasions or fresher parties in college. The tunic-style garment has an easy going style that makes it perfect to wear on hot days with denim jeans and mojris!

A koti is a type of men's jacket that can make any outfit more traditional. This can be tried with minister white kurta for mens. Depending on the occasion, you can wear a plain or embroidered koti. Young people often like to wear kotis or waistcoats for weddings and other special events. You can make your outfit more interesting by choosing colors from the same family, but remember that the koti should be flattering to your body type.

Kurta For Mens


You can try a new casual and cool look with a kurta on jeans. This look is sure to turn heads when you go out. A kurta and jeans combination is a classic for men. It looks good and is stylish. You should choose dark-colored denim if your kurta is light-coloured or vice versa.

Kurta for men wedding becomes interesting with your combine it with dhoti pants which are traditional outfits and ideal for weddings and other festive events. An Indian kurta with a dhoti pant is very ethnic looking. This attire is ideal for festivals, cultural events, and other such occasions. Dhoti pants are available in a variety of colours and styles. Make sure to choose the dhoti's colour carefully, taking into account the kurta's pattern.

With a kurta and jeans, you can create a fresh casual and cool style. For a more formal look, wear a dark-colored bottom with the kurta. You can also try different styles by pairing different patterns and shades. Cotton kurta for me gives a special touch to cool you this summer.

The most common type of pants to wear with a kurta is pajamas. These straight-cut pants are quite comfy to wear. Most men like to wear kurta with pajama for festive and Sangeet events. It is the most favorable traditional attire for men when dressing up for casual as well as for festive occasions.

Colour Kurta


Harem pants are a popular trend these days. They can be worn with kurtas to create a cool and elegant look for events like festivals and weddings. Harem pants work well with thigh-high length kurtas, making the wearer look taller and more elegant.

Aligarh pyjamas are the newest and most stylish bottom-style matched with a kurta. They are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. These pyjamas are straight-cut and flared from the bottom like women's palazzos, providing the perfect finishing touch to a tight-fitting kurtaena

You can also try a pagdi, to give off that flamboyant vibe at a wedding. Or just wear anything bright and colourful if it suits you better - no one will be able tell what's going on behind those layers anyway.

And Jodhpuri shoes go perfectly paired with an embroidered kurta shirt in token Indian style patterning.

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