How to shop traditional dresses for your special occasion

When it comes to shopping for traditional wear, the options can feel endless. From traditional wedding dresses and suits, dressing for festivities, neighbor functions and religious functions.There is a look for every occasion? But finding that perfect traditional outfit can be overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here to help narrow things down—starting with these helpful tips on how to shop traditional wear for Indian Landscape.

Decide what kind of occasion you are going for

First step is to decide on what kind of occasion you are going for. Whether it is a family function, wedding, festivity or religious occasion. Then you can mix and match the options to fit your needs.

Decide On your Budget for Traditional Dresses Shopping

The next step is to decide on your budget based on the outfit looks which you have decided to shop. If white shirts, kurta, dhoti and linen shirts are part of your plan or any of these options are then you can straight head on to without a second thought.  Know the difference between a pairing up with different types of traditional dresses to all the awesome men, Indian traditional wear adds a strong layer to your personality. They divinely adore your appearance and give you the perfect look. There are many different types of Indian traditional wear, and they are not limited to white shirts, dhotis, or linen shirts. Investigate and select the best type of Indian traditional wear for you.

Understand your body type

You may be inclined to buy traditional wear that fits your partner or parent’s body type, but you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if that’s all you do.The first step in finding the perfect traditional wear is to understand your body type. There are three body types that traditional wear is generally tailored for: Slim, Curvy or Petite. To find out which body type you fall under, consider these questions as you shop for traditional wear. We’ll be using these questions with an Indian context, but feel free to include your own questions as you shop. If you’re buying for a slim person, what are their most common traditional outfits? Do they like to wear something more formal or casual?

Know your size before you start shopping

Although you may have fit issues in your mind, they may not actually be present in your body. But don’t take that chance. Before you begin shopping for traditional wear, take a moment to measure yourself. This can be accomplished with a tape measure or a measuring tape. The tape measure is the best option for accuracy. If you’re using the measuring tape, make sure you’re marking both ends of the tape and that the tape is parallel to the floor.

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