Flexiwaist - Redefining Tradition With Adjustable Velcro Dhotis

Dhoti – A brief introduction

Dhoti, also known as Veshti, Mundu or Panche, is a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, usually about 15 feet long, wrapped around the waist and the legs and knotted either in the front or the back. Dhotis are worn by men in India in both formal and casual fashion.  Silk dhotis are considered a formal attire to be worn for special occasions such as Weddings, religious gatherings and other rituals. Dhotis made of cotton are generally preferred for casual use.

The history behind

Dhotis’ place in Indian tradition could be clearly seen from its place in Indian literature and temple architectures. During the Indian independence, weaving of dhoti had been a significance of the self-reliance movement (To read more on self-reliance movement and Dhotis, kindly visit link).

Losing the Throne

Although dhotis have stayed in the hearts of Indian men, its usage had steadily dropped due to globalization over the past decades. With accelerated globalization, in came wider variety of clothing choices. This inflow of clothing meant a shorter demand for dhotis.

The Rebirth

However, Dhotis still hold a special place in Indian customs. There is a newfound spark for the love of Dhotis in the Indian youth. Younger people choose to celebrate festivals such as Diwali, Pongal and Onam in traditional attire. From only being recognized as a politicians’ costume, Dhoti has broken its identity barrier and is now being embraced by people of all walks. This transition was further reaffirmed by the passing of the Dhoti bill (Refer to the article).

To satisfy the functional needs of today’s youth, Minister white has come up with an innovative idea by introducing Flexiwaist™ Dhotis.


What is a Flexiwaist™ Dhoti?

Flexiwaist™ dhotis differ from conventional dhotis in these two important areas,

  • Stick on – Stick on velcros help to avoid draping of the dhoti, especially silk dhotis which are considerably more slippery. Being a ‘once size for all’, one does not have to worry about their waist size while buying. Other market names for these kinds of dhotis include Adjustable velcro dhoti, Stick-dhoti etc.,
  • Pocket – A common problem with a conventional dhoti was that there was no place to keep one’s mobile phone. That issue is sorted by the introduction of pockets in the Flexiwaist™ dhotis.


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