Family Matching Outfits with Minister White

If you’re anything like us, then you spend way too much time stressing over Outfits that will match the whole family. Luckily, this problem doesn’t have to control your wardrobe any longer. With the right combination of thoughtful outfit planning and some creative thinking, we’ve found 5 different ways to choose outfits that matches the looks for the whole family. By adding a little bit of matching into your life for special occasion with your family, you can create new opportunities for unity and appreciation to be expressed between everyone in within your family with choices from Minister White.

Match the weather

Weather can be an ongoing source of contention and frustration—especially during the summer months. If you notice that this is one of the biggest sources of friction in your family’s life. So be attentive to the clothing you choose during the summer season. Choosing outfits like dhoti, cotton white veshti from Minister White can keep you calm and cool during summer.

Match the occasion

If the occasion is a holiday, you can try matching it with linen shirts and cotton shirts from Minister White. For example, if it’s Diwali, you can try to wear traditional outfits like kurta and pure silk dhotis for your approach to the occasion.

Match your child’s favourite colour

When you introduce your children to favorite colours, you’re laying the foundation for a lifetime of appreciation between you. For example, if one of your children happens to have a favorite colour which is blue that evokes to his personal liking, you can try to match your attire to that colour. This can help create a great family matching outfit, while also reminding your family of your love for them.

Match an activity

If you are on a holiday trip choose outfits that will blend with the holiday mood. If it is a casual dinner outing with your friends, with your kith and kins and try to get the same colour pattern clothing for your spouse and kids.

Match your family members unfulfilled colour mode

One of the quickest and most effective ways to show your family that they’re appreciated is by matching their attire to their mood. This is especially true if one member of your family tends to express softness in their approach. Also try to find out the colours which are not there in their wardrobe. If you don’t see a particular colour in your spouse’s wardrobe or your kid’s wardrobe, make a note of it and see if you can choose that colour


Matching your family’s attire to their moods and activities can help to remind them that they’re appreciated. This is especially true if one member of your family tends to appreciate their family members more than the others.


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