Ethnic Men’s Christmas Wardrobe

The merry season that it is, full of laughter and joy! Bring in more color to your lives with the outfits as rocking as you are. Ethnic wear is the way to go this Christmas eve, dhoti have been loved by everybody in every era, it is an outfit that you can never go wrong with. For your personality, you get to wear dhoti your own way. So here are few ways to get inspired on 

Bored of cotton shirts? Try silk instead

If you are not feeling cotton shirt-esque for a festive eve but don't want to compromise on comfort then the best alternative to ditch our regular cotton shirts and still look super cool and fancy is to go for a silk shirt. Furthermore if you wish to step up your style game, you could go for a bold printed shirt or style a mundu with your silk shirt. We hear you, mundus are supposed to be super traditional right? True that… but what if you wear it around your neck as a stylish scarf? Yup!! For sure, you can experiment with different styles of wearing it. Now that's what we are talking about! REDEFINING TRADITION!

No shying away from rocking bright colors

Are grays, blacks and blues your usual colors? Especially with ethnic wear… Yup! We know it but this time you could try nice bright colors like pinks, green, purple, yellow, even better if you could get your hands on a nice multi colored shirt.

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Also, considering the seasons for us right now in Tamil Nadu, cool colors might not be the best especially if you wish to try something new but practically cool colors are the ones that will help you beat the heat too. In conclusion, this is the best time for you to make best use of experimenting more with colors and who knows you might end up discovering a new fav style of yours. 

Pick the right accessories 

The best accessory no matter what or how you style up your shirts and dhotis is a traditional tiger nail inspired necklace for men. It is designed to look like a tiger's nail which was once legal to be owned by families, though those are passed on for generations and used across the country. It is not legal to hunt these animals anymore and so is the possession of these necklaces. However, there are fake ones made even with gold and that is widely popular in the state. Such a traditional touch could take your whole look to the next level.

Some fun tips for the juniors 

Now coming to the most important bunch in every family, the young men. How can we not talk about them? Their energy is what brings in the whole vibe. Even for these little ones, solids are a cool choice but what they need the most and what is gonna be more interesting for them is  if you let them join you in the dhoti part. What more fun is there gonna be than twinning with them. Dhotis for kids, kids dhotis, Ah!! how cute, could be paired with kurtas, plain cotton shirts or silk shirts and printed bright shirts. 

One look that's gonna bring in a little shy element is making them wear a cream colored dhoti, shirt and mundu. We are super excited to see those cute faces dressed like a mini groom.  

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