Dhoti Day 2022

The most awaited DHOTI DAY is just around the corner, and we are more than excited to celebrate the day with you. January 6th is celebrated as world dhoti day every year, which means you get the chance to flaunt your dhoti style to the world, especially on this auspicious day. Do you know? In Tamil Nadu, schools and colleges celebrate dhoti day by wearing dhoti on this particular day. We are happy about the fact that few organizations motivate their employees to wear this traditional attire in honoring the world dhoti day. So what are you plans for celebrating the world dhoti day? No matter where you are or what office you are holding, we have a plethora of trending dhoti collections that will leave you awestruck this world dhoti day.

Take time to celebrate this Dhoti day with a traditional dress worn by the people in South India from time immemorial. This is typically designed for the males, but many ladies in Kerala also wear this attire whenever they wanted to. Cotton Pure Silk Dhoti is not meant to be worn during festivities, religious ceremonies, or marriage ceremonies, but as daily wear, especially on a dhoti day. 

Now is the perfect time of the year to explore the various patterns, whether plain or vibrant colors in different textures. You can also you’re your try with Silk dhotis with embroidery around the edges give you that perfect look.

This dhoti day, go for a photo-shoot with your friends and try wearing fancy dhoti both formally and loosely because both styles are wrapped differently, depending on the occasion. There are two you can wear a dhoti, one is the formal way and the other is the casual way. We encourage to try both and choose the one you like for this upcoming dhoti day. We also have readymade dhotis that would make you feel at ease in case you are worried about how it is done traditionally. Take this time to discuss with your friends about what techniques they use to tie a dhoti and their love for this traditional attire. Also, go for a formal dhoti style photo shoot and show off your ethnic style to the world. 

We bet that once you try wearing dhotis, you will fall in love with it because of the comfort provided while it is easy to wear for daily activities. Cotton Dhotis are that perfect clothing you can choose for summer due to its delicate texture.

Dhoti an item of pure attractive clothing is rooted deep in our culture, as it previously formed the royal outfit of ancient rulers and kings of our country. Try our dhoti collections of striking colors and hues, combined with shimmering gold-threaded embroidery, especially for this auspicious day. And we want to mention here that the ancient historian Herodotus described this attire as exceedingly beautiful.

Make this world dhoti day the most memorable one with your family and friends by wearing this exceeding beautiful attire, and make sure you take plenty of photos together and couple it with so much fun and laughter. Happy World Dhoti Day! 


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