Dhoti: A Gentleman's Staple for the Pongal Festival

We live in a land where a wide variety of traditions and festivals are celebrated. And one of the most celebrated and awaited festivals of south India is Pongal. The harvest festival is filled with yummy food, worship and classy south Indian outfits. This is the season when men get dressed up in the all sophisticated dhotis and angvastram while women dress up in gorgeous silk sarees.

The most awaited Pongal is at hand and it’s to show off your ethnic avatar to the world. Do you that colors and clothing themselves have the power to change our moods and behavior. This Pongal treat yourself good and get five different coloured shirts and silk dhotis to walk out in luxury wherever you go. Spread the fragrance of culture this Pongal and have fun with tons of photos and some sweet Pongal.

Silk, Cotton Dhotis are the most comfortable wear if you only begin to have a few of them in your wardrobe and you give it a try now and then. Once you begin to wear them often you might fall in love with them and would want to wear them ever so often. Have you noticed the minister’s dressed up in dhoti and we give them more respect for their attire without the slightest hesitation? Why do we do that? Dhotis carry such power in dressing. Pure Silk Dhotis have their origin from kings and no wonder the dress carries such power with it.

Dhotis are built to give a formal appeal along with comfort and elegance that they can provide you the whole day. With the tons of varieties available at Minister White, you’ll surely want to have your own wardrobe collection once you visit our store. We have made sure that you get the same comfort as you wear your formal trousers by making silk dhotis with pockets and also ready-made ones that you can wrap along your waist and you don’t need the prior knowledge of how to tie a dhoti.

This Pongal we encourage you to get five different coloured premium white shirts and silk dhotis for all the days of Pongal and treat yourself with a wardrobe wonder at the beginning of the year. It always matters how you begin the year and in 2022 let it begin with a heavy bang of colors and clothing as it has the power to shift your mindset and fill your mind with positivity and expectation. Have you heard the saying expectation is the breeding ground for miracles? When you begin to expect good things and great things it does begin to manifest itself around you.

Let this 2022 be a year where all your expectations and dreams come to pass and it all begins with the right start at the beginning of the year. So hurry up and come visit our store or purchase online and get your wardrobe decked with fabulous dhotis this Pongal 2022.

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