Wear Dhoti the new way!

Wondering what the best way of draping dhoti suits your taste with perfection for the men who like to carry themselves modish this Diwali. Dhoti is one of the foremost ancient and traditional styles that men can carry off and with style. The dhoti styles have evolved, taking many alternative forms with the changing time and change in trends. It's finally made its way towards being one of the most well-liked trends that men can wear. Today one can easily see many colours, prints, styles, and innovative fabrics in dhoti. So, let's take a glance at the step-by-step recommendations on the way to tie dhoti that you can triumph with ease.

If you don't clearly understand how to wear dhoti, don't worry; there are other easy-to-wear dhotis within Minister White with elastic belts and Flexiwaist fastening. This is a cheat code for you.

Traditional Dhoti Shirt Styles for the man in you:


It is always good to wear traditional attires on Indian occasions and festivals. The classic dhoti shirt style is simply the correct pick for Diwali celebrations after you've understood the way to wear a dhoti. And, gone are the times when men want to get-up western wear for every occasion. But Recently, People have again started showing their inclination towards the Indian culture and, therefore, the Indian attires.

Dhoti is a Civil Dress of India for men:

The Indian dhoti may be a very traditional drapery that bears the touch of our Indian culture and the tradition of our forefathers. And a dhoti is a significant part of our culture, customs, and religion from the very beginning. Now that you know how to drape dhoti, it's time to understand the iconic Indian traditional dress for men and the various styles.

The traditional dhoti kurta is worn within the northern regions of India, and this mix is popularly referred to as the "dhoti kurta" and as "dhoti Punjabi" within the East.

Similarly, in South India, it's worn with an 'Angavastram' that's basically an unstitched cloth draped over the shoulders in Tamil Nadu, and a 'chokka' or a 'jubba' in Andhra Pradesh.

Initially, the dhoti wont to be a neighbourhood of daily casual wear for men. Still, it became event wear with time and is merely worn on celebrations and festivities. On many occasions or in temples, the typical dhoti kurta may be must wear. Dhoti Kurta nowadays is taken into account proper wear in India, but hey, if you think you're up for it, why not wear it whenever and wherever possible!

Wear Dhoti like Swami Vivekananda - Make An eternal Style Statement:

Whenever the word 'dhoti' comes, Swami Vivekananda is one of the primary persons to strike in our minds. This is precisely why we're getting to tell you ways you'll wear a dhoti a bit like him.

Starting with the way to wear dhoti like Swami Vivekananda -

Step 1: Tie the dhoti around your waist. Tie it in such a fashion that the material reaches our ankle's length.

Step 2: Once tied, take them within the end of the material, pull them along the legs, and push it at the waist from behind.

Step 3: an equivalent has got to be through with the outer end of the material, and voila, you've got your Swami Vivekananda style dhoti for you!

Make sure that the dhoti is tight enough and it doesn't fall out. It should be loose enough so that you'll move freely in it. Suppose you would like a complete Swami Vivekananda-style look. In that case, you'll also take another shawl-like fabric and wrap it over your torso, a bit like you are doing with a shawl. You can drape it whichever way you like. There you go, you recognise the way to wear dhoti like Swami Vivekananda.