Redefining Tradition

What do you think of, the minute you hear the word South Indian fashion? Is it just dhoti, shirt and dhoti towel you think of? Hold on... it’s not all there is. What if I tell you, you can do a lot more than that?
Excited to know how? Read on to know how we redefined the tradition and made it easier for you to slay in style and be rooted to your traditions at the same time.
You can blend a little bit of the past and a little bit of the present, these days its quite impossible to run out of ideas, combine our products with styles from all over India. You don’t have to wear your dhoti in a boring way anymore, we are here to help you style it with different shirts for different occasions in different ways.
Dhotis are one of the oldest, and ancient clothing styles worn by men across India, majority of the Indian men still wear dhotis which includes the millennials, especially in weddings, festivals and other formal religious and family gatherings or events. We’ve got a wide range of patto veshti and shirt collections. It makes a man look effortlessly stylish and elegant, did I stun you by calling dhoti stylish? Well, let me tell you how you can make it possible.
Remember the time when our favourite Hollywood celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. awe struck us with his Desi look in Spider-man home coming? The time when Ashton Kutcher ashtonished us wearing an aqua-blue kurta and white dhoti at a friends wedding in Savelletri di Fasano, and how can we miss out on our most adorable and stylish Nick Jonas who has been sporting Indian wear multiple times now. Can we even take our eyes off these stunners? For sure not!!!
So lets get heads turning at you as well, what say? Ok, I know what you are thinking, “OOPS! I don’t really know how to wear a dhoti” if this is what you said then don’t you worry, we have easy to wear stick on dhotis for you, all you gotta do is wrap it around your waist and stick on. You can visit minister white website in minister white dhoti category or walk into any of our stores and get yourself a flexiwaist dhothi.
This is our velcro dhoti designed just for you, now wear it hassle free in just a second. Be sure to style up and tag us on your favourite social media sites.

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