How To Style Linen Shirts

The type of fabric you choose plays a huge role in the overall look of your outfit. There are few fabrics that do really well for most body types. Linen is one such fabric, be it a little boy, a middle aged man or an older person, be it a tall or short person. Irrespective of your body type Linen will make you look a lot put together and is also easy to maintain. Having such a versatile option could also be overwhelming and we are here to sort that out for you.

You could create a very chill yet sophisticated look with Linen shirts, you could look super cool and fancy or very ethnic and royal with this same shirt. It is all dependent on what you pair it with. Bonus points being sustainability and comfort, here are different ways you can style your linen shirts.

Linen shirts are best for any occasion, you can wear it during the day or night provided you don’t live in a very cold place.


This is a great work-wear option, however, if you are someone who is concerned about wrinkles then this might not be the best for you, linens do crease up quite a lot, no matter how much you iron and crisp it, its natural for linens to get wrinkly super fast. This is not something that people usually complain about because of how chill yet classy vibes it gives. 

For work, you can pair it up with chinos, kakhis or literally any formal pants. We suggest you keep it to subtle colors and solid linen shirts if you work in a corporate work environment. If you can wear semi-formals then you can go for either darker colors or stick to subtle colors with soft patterns over them. How you pair them is again something that determines the end result. So, opt for light colored pants if you go for darker colored shirts or vice versa. Do no pair print over print.


 White linen shirts are irreplaceable, you can dress it up or down. Pair it with pants or dhotis. It is so classic, you can wear it in any combination. You can even layer it in multiple ways. This is not the best to layer over a t-shirt but you can try pairing it up with a mandarin collared cotton shirt or linen shirt.

You can pair these with bottoms of any print and pattern. You can make it look best for office wear and also festive.

Go to color options for these white shirts are light blue, navy blue or sometimes white over white. Denim shades of blue, gray, khaki, olive green etc., all look super good with a white linen shirt. If you are to pair it up with a dhoti, you could do so with a classy white dhoti and elegant border, thinner borders are for more casual look and thicker or golden jari borders are definitely festive. 


You can stick to neutrals and aqua, if it is a beach party or a holiday out on a hot summer day. Do not forget to add your hat on to complete the look.


They are super simple to maintain, you could do just a regular machine wash and you are good to go. They dry up super quick, and also you can get multiple washes out of it as its anti-bacterial properties doesn’t take on smell easily.